Strange behaviour for ignores in v1.15.0-rc.5


I notice ST 115rc5 (device DA) wants to push ignored files that were deleted months ago. Inexistant ill files are spread in 2 folders (rw on all devices). .stignores is the same everywhere.

One folder (FA) is shared only with a v1.14 device (D114).

The other folder (FB) is shared with the same device plus an old v1.0.1 device (D101).

When I comment forth and back my ignores in FB settings, push disappears and comes back … for the 2 folders (un-nested)!

I didn’t try for FA as it is a critical folder.

I feel there is a leak/bridge between folders ignores management.

There is a change in v1.15.0 regarding needing ignored files. If there are files, which are ignored everywhere, but never existed on the devices <v1.15.0, then on the v1.15.0 machine they will show as out-of-sync on the remote devices. Once those remote devices upgrade too, they will also consider themselves out-of-sync and resolve the issue (by storing and exchanging metadata, nothing happens on disk).


Thank you Simon. What will happen with devices that can’t upgrade (v1.0.1)?

[EDIT] OK, I found something to read, thanks again

Not sure how the other topic to read is related (didn’t re-read it), but basically some hiccups are to be expected if you mix in very old versions in your connected devices. This particular hiccup will make the old device show as out-of-sync in the remote devices section, but sync will still happen.

Also v1.0.1 usually means you run Syncthing from official debian/ubuntu repos: Then you can use to get up-to-date packages. Otherwise just download the release directly and use auto-upgrading.

? I use v1.0.1 for XP 32 (it was said to be the latest still working)… I know… I should drop this :wink:


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