Strange behavior

I just setup a cluster of two devices (android phone and windows laptop). Only these two devices are connected to eachother. After some time the laptop and another phone connected to the same wifi suddenly want to connect to eachother on their own. This looks like a bug to me.

It’s unclear how far along the setup process you went. But I don’t think you experienced a bug.

Two Syncthing devices on the same LAN (or wi-fi network) will not spontaneously connect to each other.

But if you previously setup the 2 machines to sync a folder with the same Folder-ID, Device ‘A’ will prompt you to add Device ‘B’ … and vice versa. Once you add the devices to each other, synchronization starts.

This is described in detail in the docs.


I read your post again. You have a 2nd Android phone with Syncthing? Again, check if this 2nd phone’s Syncthing config contains the same Folder-ID as one of the other 2 devices. This could be triggering a prompt.

I just checked and there are no matching folder id’s or folder names. And even if there were i dont seee why this should be a problem. Even if A and B share a folder “fold1” and B and C share a folder “fold2” this shoud not prevent C and D to share a folder with ID “folder1” and this should not require anyone to change ID’s or constantly deny connection requests.

You must have something misconfigured. Syncthing will not try to connect to devices its not aware off.

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