Stops syncing ~46%. No way to resolve conflicts.

Hi, I have three computers now running Syncthing: 1: Windows laptop, used for work. Synctrazor. 2. Home desktop, daily driver. Manjaro Linux. Syncthing-GTK and SyncThingy. 3. Another desktop/server with lots of storage. Manjaro Linux. Syncthing-GTK.

I started using Syncthing to keep my Documents folder synced between the laptop and my desktop so I could work from either computer as needed. The desktop also creates backups of this folder every ~48hrs.

I recently (yesterday) added the server to the mix. It has way more storage capacity. so I’m syncing both the Documents folder between the other two computers, and also the backups folder from the desktop.

The server stopped syncing at 46% and isn’t doing anything else. It seems to be hung up with the backups folder.

The Linux interfaces I have don’t include a way to resolve conflicts like the Synctrazor interface does in Windows. I also can’t seem to find this functionality in the Web UI. Am I missing something?

I see other people saying to remove and re-add the folder. Is that worth trying?

Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 17-54-51 Syncthing

Conflicts are just duplicate files, named in a special way (<filename>.sync-conflict-<date>-<time>-<modifiedBy>.<ext>). You can find these files and then do whatever you want with them. The original filename contains the version that has “won” the conflict, but both versions are still present.

Regarding sync, after these sync-conflict files are created they are treated as normal files by syncthing and hence are also being synced to other devices (if not deleted by the user). They should not hinder synchronization, so there’s probably something else going on.

Sync activity can cease temporarily (at least seemingly), when there’s a lot of database work going on, or (large) temp files are being allocated. Eventually it should continue. It’s also worth taking a look at the other side to see if there’s any issue on that end of the sync. Logs may be helpful as well.

Synctrazor is getting all of its information from Syncthing, and so is Syncthing’s web UI. The system tray widgets for Linux tend to be lighter weight as there are already plenty of tools available in Linux for resolving duplicates, etc.

Removing a folder also removes Syncthing’s .stfolder marker, causing the contents to be synced from scratch when you re-add the folder. All things being equal, it won’t help because the underlying issue is likely still there.

If you click the hyperlink “1,948 items, ~350 GiB” it’ll open a pop-up with a list of the items in addition to the reason why each item is out of sync.

In Syncthing’s web GUI, click Actions → Advanced → Logs to view the runtime log and to access the debugging facilities.

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