Stopping Folder "folder name" - folder marker missing

This morning one of the folders we shared between two servers stopped syncing with the error:

Stopping Folder “folder name” - folder marker missing

What could be causing that and how can we fix/prevent it?

This is the second time I recall this happening. If it matters the servers are both Windows Server 2012.

You’ve deleted the .stfolder file at the root of the folder, which is used for checking for mount failures.

There is probably a ton of posts on the forum about this, hence try searching first.

Thanks. I did search for the error I was getting but must have missed the other issues.

Turns out the problem was an automatic cleanup script that was deleting that .stfolder file every couple months. That’s been fixed so hopefully it won’t happen again.

You might also want to look out for the file .stignore and the directory .stversions (if using Ignore Patterns / Versioning features) suffering the same fate.

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