"Stopping folder "Android" - folder marker missing"

I have 2 hosts and one server running Ubuntu with Syncthing 13.7 and one Android device running version 13.5. Until 30 days ago, all devices worked perfectly. The problem is only now with the Android device. The error is “Stopping folder “Android” - folder marker missing”. I have added on both the server and Android an empty “.stfolder” file on the root of the synced folders. Much data passes between the server and Android, but to only an 88% completion.

After much time and research with no answers, I simply removed (completely) Syncthing from the Android device and reinstalled it. The error “Stopping folder “Android” - folder marker missing” has not reappeared. Syncthing is now working perfectly again.

I can confirm Gary’s case. Same here4: first folder marker missing on Android. After removal and reinstall: no problems.