Stopped sync directory

I have a sync directory and sync it with one PC. All OK. When add another two devices to sync with this dir, they are synchronized and then sync dir is stopped with error: folder marker missing (this indicates potential data loss …). Really, .stfolder is disappear. How I can continue synchronization with these three PC?

It’s really not possible to deduce what has actually been happening from this short description, however Syncthing itself surely doesn’t delete the folder marker (i.e. .stfolder by default) on its own. Are you sure that no other software has been responsible for the deletions?

Usually this isn’t really a thing on the desktop, but on other systems, e.g. Android, it’s quite common that people use various types of “optimiser” apps, which then proceed to delete all empty folders as part their cleanup routine, including Syncthing’s folder markers in the process (which then breaks the synchronisation).

Thanks for answer. No, trees of dirs are on Windows. Other PC’s - Windows too. And no other apps responsible for the deletions anywhere. Update information. Last two PC’s I synchronized simultaneously. And maybe one way out - disable (not remove) all PC’s, then rescan this tree of dirs. And then in series enable PC’s. Is this way has right to life? Or hasn’t? I’d like to hear your opinion.

It’s really difficult to say anything conclusive based on this description. Can you share screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from all devices, preferable with all folder paths visible?