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Hello all,

I installed Syncthing on a Synology Nas. I use this implementation of SyncThing :

I am running Syncthing version 1.20

My problem : every 5 minutes, my nas pings

In Syncthing settings, I already deselected the reporting but the problem remains

Thanks for your help.


My question : how can I stop this ?


You can disable global discovery and relay in settings. You won’t get the benefits of this service, this could probably require you setup dyndns and/or static IPs as a replacement.

Kind regards Catfriend1


It seems to work :slight_smile:

Thank you


If you only want to stop the connection to (if you don’t have ipv6) you can set global discovery servers to default-v4, it will still use the ipv4 version (if that is wanted, otherwise the answer of catfriend1 is the better solution).

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