Still working great! 193,000 files

193,000 files, 15,257 folders, 12.6 TB

13 remote devices 29 synced folders

3 operating systems: unraid, windows 10, android

2 cell phones, 2 other remote computers outside my LAN

been working flawlessly for many months.

My biggest tweak: setting “keep temporaries” to 2 hours instead of default 24 I think. really helps reduce errors when connections drop from remote computers.

Just wanted to send a little love to the syncthing devs.



Just curious, but what errors do you specifically have in mind when suggesting reducing the “keep temporaries” value?

I personally prefer to keep at the default, especially when dealing with slow and/or unstable connections, so that Syncthing doesn’t need to re-download large files from scratch after a sudden disconnect or similar.

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I don’t like seeing the errors of pending transfers. I had many times where a laptop, for instance, got logged out of and wasn’t logged into for days. It seemed the error sat there for the whole time. Setting to 2 hours seemed to reset it somehow and the errors/ pending transfers were no longer present. Its entirely possible I am “using it wrong” though so wide open to feedback!

This only seemed internal to my Lan so redownloadimg was not an issue.

Glad to hear there haven’t been any issues but little concerned with the “in months” qualifier haha. Have you had any problems in the past to watch out for?

I’m at 426,277 files and 23,012 folders and so far have only run into issues with platforms not supporting the same characters on filenames. E.g. “:” in an Ext4 file name but NTFS not supporting it.

Eager to learn any lessons to ensure it keeps going smoothly.

Lol I had some initial setup hiccups of my own doing as I learned… Mostly around the exclude lists. But once that got sorted and I started fresh it’s been awesome. “in moths” because I’ve only been running for maybe 6 months and the last 4-5 have been perfect. That’s a lot of files!!

Edit: the biggest thing for me was understanding and planning sync hierarchies… for example syncing a Windows machine pictures, downloads, documents etc into a parent folder on the file server and doing this for several users, then syncing that parent folder as a single unit to the backup server. User folders sync in real time, parent folder scans once a day and therefore syncs once per day. Don’t need backup in real time plus my backup server only powers on once a day, scans, syncs, then shuts down… Also identifying bandwidth hogs like outlook temp files and adding to exclude lists…

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