Stignore - not working?

I’ve read the .stignore docs, and can’t figure out the simplest possible pattern.

I’ve tried node_modules and node_modules/, and in both cases the directory is still synced.

What am I missing?

Where is your .stignore file located? For example, if the Syncthing folder’s root directory is syncthing and it contains a subdirectory node_modules, the bare minimum directory listing should look like the following:

├── node_modules
├── .stfolder
└── .stignore

The first pattern matches anything named node_modules, including files and directories, while the second pattern node_modules/ applies only to the contents of any directory with a matching name.

Are you trying to ignore any directory named node_modules or just the one at the root of the Syncthing folder?

Ah, I missed:

The .stignore file must be placed in the root of the synced folder.


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