.stignore missing on Android

Hi I have been noticing some irregularities in and some of my folders being out of sync recently. I have just looked into one of the shares on my phone to see why it was out of sync and found the .stignore file was gone.

I then realised all of the folders that are out of sync are shared with at least one android device. Most of these are devices I have set up for family members so access is limited.

I am just wondering if anyone else has run into this? Could it have happened during an upgrade?


Can you check if .stignore exists on the Android side? Are the sync folders on Android located on the external sdcard? On 4.4+, we don’t have write access there (and can’t create the .stignore).

This might be related:

Sorry, that is what I meant, the .stignore was missing on the android side but was still on my main PC.

I am on a Nexus 5 running stock android 6.0 with all my shares in the emulated storage.

The share was running fine until one of the recent updates, not sure which one though. I haven’t been able to pay to much attention.

I have not noticed the bug mentioned by Zillode because I tend to use a reference to .stglobalignore to share my ignores amongst the nodes. I then rename .stignore to stignore, let it propagate on the other nodes and rename it back to .stignore on the other devices.

I got into this habit because most of the nodes I set up are family’s phones and this is easier than the webui on very small screens.

I just had a chance to have a look at one of the other devices and it’s .stignore files are missing also. I can only assume they disappeared during an update.