stignore magic help

Not quite sure how to use stignore, I have a folder of roms for emulationstation. each subfolder represents a different system and has within it a gameslist.xml file and a /media folder. I want to sync neither of these, they should be different for different clients (I don’t want my android downloading all my video snaps, for example). But I’m not sure how to do this. Advice?

Add the file/folder names to the ignore list. Yet media is fairly generic and can hit multiple directories you don’t expect with it

I don’t want to have to edit the .stignore every time I add a new folder. would /*/media/ work? I have some big files in there so I want to have some assurance before I mess with it.

Yes, if all your media folders are one level below the root path. Otherwise just media, but as Audrius said, that might also ignore other dirs that you want. However if this share only contains subdirs for roms, I assume that’s not a problem. So in the end your ignore patterns use case is about as straight forward as it goes.

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