.stignore just doesn't seem to work

I am trying to stop Syncthing from syncing the LibreOffice configuration dir, which changes all the time and triggers endless syncs - but it just doesn’t seem to work at all. My setup is as follows

  1. Two computers - one laptop, one server.
  2. Both computers run Slackware Linux.
  3. Syncthing version is 14.5
  4. The laptop is set as master, so syncing is effectively one way only.
  5. The directory configured to sync on the laptop is /home/seb
  6. I have added the following as ignores through the web interface on the laptop:


The directory I want to avoid syncing is /home/seb/.config/libreoffice. I have even tried it without the (?d) - syncthing appears to simply ignore it. I have restarted syncthing many times - on both computers. I have read the “Ignoring Files” page of the documentation. What am I doing wrong? Should I have added the ignores on the server instead?

try (?d)/.config/libreoffice or /.config/libreoffice

Thank you. I’ve completely deleted the repository on the server side (the ‘slave’ side), and all the syncthing configs there. I am now in the process of resynching everything to see if it was caused by the fact that I enabled the ignores after everything had already been synced - in the past.

By the way, is my understanding correct that (?d) should only be used for files - not folders?

A pattern beginning with a (?d) prefix enables removal of these files if they are preventing directory deletion. This prefix should be used by any OS generated files which you are happy to be removed.

Better dont use that switch at all.

OK - I just tried with /.config/libreoffice as well - and just checked. The whole folder and its contents is copied over regardless. The .stignore seems to be just, hmm, ignored! Or at least this particular line

OK - after another repository and settings reset at the slave end (non-master folder), it seems that finally the ignore rules are being followed. I can’t really tell what was happening before though - but I’m glad it is working now.

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