.stignore / ignore pattern - Syntax for low CPU consumption

I have just installed SyncTrayzor and found like 100 conflicted files. Now I am creating line after line in the ignore pattern section. This will end up in several dozens of lines of ignore pattern.

To keep ST as efficient as possible, I am wondering, if the syntax of the pattern makes a difference in working speed and CPU consumption.

  1. Is it better to ignore the full path beginning from folder root or to ignore just the relevant ending? "Admin\Programme\!PApps\Public-special\Virus Emsisoft Emergency Kit\Logs" vs "Kit\Logs"?
  2. Is it better to ignore pathes or file names including asterisks?

There are no benchmarks available in relation to that but logically wildcard patterns should be more process-intensive. Whether this will have any actual impact on performance is debatable though. Some actual numbers would be needed to verify that.

Please keep in mind that the two aren’t the same, i.e. Kit\Logs may theoretically exist in other subfolders too. If you input the whole path, then you can be 100% sure that the pattern won’t cover any other folders.

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