.stignore for EncFS?

Is it possible to ignore specific files when the folder being synced is running under EncFS (which scrambles filenames as well as content). I’m guessing not but wondering if someone has tought of something I haven’t.

The Hash of the file name will not change but wild cards would be a problem. Have a look at the encfsctl tool. Perhaps you could script it to generate a .stignore file.

`encfsctl encode /my/encfs/dir < excludes.txt > excludes-encrypted.txt`

Well I ended up fixing my issue by just finding the scrambled name for the ‘$RecycleBin’ dir in the EncFS by using mtime attributes. My hope is that by not changing or deleting the dir it will remain the same name and therefor be ignored on copy (including all files in it).

It’s working so far. Hopefully it will be a perm solution.

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