Stignore file syncing nothing

my stignore file is


In my directory foo/bar/test/myfiles/watched I have the the following


my desired and expected behavior is that the:

~/test1.mkv is synced to the destination device, and ~/test1.txt is not synced. But nothing is syncing. What am I doing wrong?

You are allowing only two files named .mkv and .mp4. Try *.mkv: Ignoring Files

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My bad if my post wasn’t clear.

I want only the ~/test1.mkv to sync.

But neither the .txt nor .mkv files are syncing with my current stignore setup.

It only syncs when I update to


But I don’t want to manage an exhaustive list of all the file types I don’t want to sync.

Again, what @239 tried to express.

!.mkv means “don’t ignore a file named .mkv”. You are looking for !*.mkv to say “don’t ignore all files ending with .mkv”.

Ahh okay thanks for the clarification. That worked!

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