.stignore file - One folder to several destinations

Hi all,

I’ll try to be clear with my english about my current configuration:

I have 1 folder with thousand of files that must be sincronized with different destination.

Master folder is in send only mode…receiving folders are in receive only mode. Receiving folders must get only certain files and not all.

Files are named with destination name inside the file name.

How can I manage exclusion if the .stignore is common and without creating different folders inside the master folder?

Hope is clear

Initially it is not possible with Syncthing to change the file name during the transfer. A copy function would be better suited to achieve this.

With regard to the .stignore, I would summarize all files in groups and make corresponding entries in groups. However, it is a manual process that must be prepared. Is a group entry, e.g. group.* or others not possible, that would go up to the individual listing of files. The .stignore may then be very long.

You need to set the ignores on the receiving devices if you want different ignores for different devices.

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t want to change file name but just want that some files with specific name or part of it goes only to a specific destination.

For instance, I have some filename that contains ABC, some other DEF, some other GHI and so on, everything in the same master folder and subfolders

3 different recipient:

First recipient has to receive only ABC files Second one only DEF fikes and third one only GHI.

Is it possible to manage this situation with exclusions and if yes, in which way.

Thanks in advance

Even if destination is set to receive only?

Yes, is no problem, to define on each side individual. Maybe it would be good to read the documentation about

Thank you, I’ll do some test and let you know

It works…thanks you

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