.stignore causes sync to be stuck at 50%

Device 1: Ubuntu

  • v0.13.4
  • Sharing 2 folders with Android device (below)
  • GUI shows all folders as “up to date”
  • GUI shows Android device as stuck at “Syncing 50%” even though everything seems to be up to date

Device 2: Android

  • v0.13.2
  • Devices tab shows everything as “up to date”

Cause of the problem

One shared folder on Android device contains a .stignore because I only want one specific file in the folder to be synced, so the .stignore is like:


If I tell Ubuntu device not to sync the folder that contains the .stignore on Android device, then sync reports 100% on Ubuntu. Hence, that’s what indicates it’s an issue relating to .stignore.

Any ideas how to fix this?


This is expected as explained by the docs.


Thanks for your quick reply @AudriusButkevicius !

It’s 100% of the files I want synced between those 2 devices, so it seems logical to expect it to report 100% rather than 50%.

I see the documentation states:

Currently the effects on who is in sync with what can be a bit confusing when using ignore patterns. This should be cleared up in a future version…

So I look forward to the future versions :slight_smile:

The side that shows 50% doesn’t know the other side is deliberately ignoring the files - it just knows it hasn’t synced them. But yes this may get improved at some point.


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