.stfolder object type ?

Hi all

Recently I had to change the target for a folder in Advanced options because I created it wrongly. Once fixed the folder was still KO because I forgot the .stfolder … thing

I did it, it worked, but IIRC I created as an empty file instead of a folder. Later I changed it to a folder.

Any comment please ?

Can you bit a little more specific about the exact steps you did? I think I’ve encountered a similar problem a long time ago, but I can’t remember any details now.

Hi Tomasz

It is not an issue. When this happened some weeks ago I thought I should ask lights here in the forum… then I forgot.

IIRC it was on a Windows machine. I just tried in a linux and the folder works even when the marker is a file (named .stfolder) instead of a directory like stated everywhere in the doc.

Yeah, but I remember that I also had a situation where Syncthing recreated the marker as a file instead of a directory, even though .stfolder was already a directory at that time (as it did use to be a file in the past before the switch).

In linux I can’t create a folder with the name of an existing file

mkdir .stfolder
mkdir: unable to create the «.stfolder» directory: The file exists

ST won’t even try, at least there is no error in basic log

Whatever the folder sync works OK.

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