.stfolder issues

hey all I am syncing my MacBook Air with my Steam Deck using Syncthing. Everything was working great until I done fukked up and accidentally deleted the .stfolder. now I get an error about “folder marker missing”. what’s the easiest fix for this issue? reinstall everything?

Just create an empty folder at the root of your shared folder called “.stfolder” It’s that simple.

That folder is just a marker that’s used to tell syncthing that the folder you want to sync is mounted and available. Because you deleted it, syncthing is unsure if it’s the same folder or something else is messed up.

Just recreate the folder you deleted and it will start working again.

I tried creating a folder named .stfolder in my “Sync” folder but MacOS tells me I can’t create a folder with that name

actually I managed to view the hidden folder and… it’s there. so why am I not able to sync? could it be because of another missing file/folder?

The folder needs to be present on both sides. The mac and the steamdeck both need to have the folder in place for the sync to happen.

I’m relatively new to Syncthing myself so will let some of the more experienced people try to help you.

Screenshots, or error messages if there are any may help if you have any to provide.

The .stfolder marker needs to be at the top level of each configured folder in Syncthing. You didn’t tell if Sync is your configured path or just some location where different folders are stored?

You should recreate the marker on the device which shows the error message. But only if you are certain your other files are still there just like before the .stfolder deleting accident. If Syncthing finds the marker again and some other files are gone, it will happily sync those as deletions to the other devices. That’s why the error message advises caution.

Another way would be to just remove each folder from Syncthing’s configuration and accept it again when offered from the other device. Choose the same path and the marker will be recreated automatically.

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