stdiscosrv syncthing docker problem,can't find remote device.

I use a server run docker server in enterprise network, can’t use internet,so i use discosrv for syncthing.

two docker container on the docker server.

one docker container is syncthing use : docker pull syncthing/syncthing docker run -d -t --restart=always --privileged --name Syncthing -p 8384:8384 -p 22000:22000 -p 21027:21027 syncthing

one docker container is stdiscosrv use my dockerfile:

from alpine:3.7 MAINTAINER EXPOSE 8443 COPY /stdiscosrv /usr/bin RUN chmod +x /usr/bin/stdiscosrv CMD /usr/bin/stdiscosrv -debug

docker build -t stdiscosrv .

docker run -d -t --restart=always --privileged --name Stdiscosrv -p 8443:8443 stdiscosrv

some syncthing in windows linux docker_container. every syncthing work great except docker_container on docker server. can’t find other syncthing. other syncthing can’t find the docker_container syncthing.

see discosrv logs: some GET the docker_container ID.

somebody help.

Discovery won’t work if its running on the same machine.

Also Docker networking is Special™. You might need to do linking and whatever. Probably read Docker documentation.

yes on the same machine.


containe01 syncthing01

containe02 stdiscosrv


exe syncting02


containe03 syncthing03


exe syncting04

every syncthing work great except containe01 syncthing01.

now i run syncthing01 on server01(linux) system ,with out docker .all work great.

some port need mapping?? i can’t find some explain or parameter in Syncthing’s documentation!

–link? it not work.

–link use docker Internal address .

As explained, running a syncthing node on the same machine as the discovery will cause discovery to record a nonsense (local) ip address which has no meaning to other computers, hence it will not work, and there is no way to fix it.

I try run discosrv in server ,out docker container. all work great.and the ip is same ip address.

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