stcli needing a code update

I compiled the 1.0 version of stcli and seems that it is not in sync with Syncthing… :smile:

Seriously, I found some issues in that stcli is not capable to do the same job that Syncthing does:

  • Unable to set a device address because stcli accepts only one address in the form ip:port, for example following command is not accepted:

    stcli devices set 35334HU-T353435-34545PB-V455434-45456HK-345435O-A35454F-P34553R address tcp://123.456.789.126:22000

  • Unable to set multiple device address; stcli accepts only one address where syncthing accepts more than one address

  • The command “stcli folders override folderID” issued on a send only folder does nothing

  • For a folder, there is no way to manipulate some recently added (advanced) attributes, to name a few:

  1. Watch for Changes
  2. File Pull Order
  3. Minimum Free Disk Space
  4. Ignore Permissions


It’s sadly unmaintained sadly, so use it for the purposes it supports, and rest api for the rest.

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