Staying organized

I was wondering what people do to keep an overview of which nodes share which folder?

I just started using Syncthing and want to try and set this up efficiently from the start. I remember my BTSync days and that it all started out nice, but after a while of not actively managing my shares and simply keeping BTSync running I started to get lost in my own system. Shares that seemed to make sense when I created them had me puzzled as to why they were there, etc.

I’d like to avoid that road with Syncthing.

On a related note, I think a comment field per folder (ID) that gets synced to each device might help with staying organized. Or maybe something along those lines already exists?

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Here’s a link to a very old thread about this. Interesting discussion, but never had enough traction to move foreward.

I agree. A comment field could be very useful.

For what it’s worth, I manage my syncthing configuration using a configuration management tool (namely, Ansible). I have a syncthing role that takes a configuration variable that looks like this:

  - name: alice
      - name: alice-books
        path: /home/alice/books
        devices: ['alice-laptop', 'alice-ereader']
      - name: alice-documents
        path: /home/alice/documents
        devices: ['alice-laptop', 'alice-workstation']
  - name: bob
      - name: bob-documents
        path: /home/bob/documents
        devices: ['bob-laptop']
  - name: shared
      - name: exchange
        path: /src/sync/exchange
        order: oldestFirst
        devices: ['alice-laptop', 'alice-workstation', 'bob-laptop']

The role generates syncthing configuration files for each device/user combination, and installs them remotely, along with certificates and service descriptions (where relevant).

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