Status vs. out of sync?

This is confusing to me.

The status of a folder is “Up to date” but there are 204 items “Out of sync”.

How can a folder be “up to date” but still have items out of sync?

Shouldn’t be. Have you tried refreshing the page?

From your post it isn’t clear, so I’m asking: Isn’t that folder set as master?

Yes, it is set as master:

Screen Capture

In that case, everything is as expected.

Discussion about it: [v0.8.16] Override changes from master repo

Issue about missing description in docs:

There are two cases where I’m finding the “Out of Sync” status confusing.

a. When can a Master folder be out of sync? It seems to me that by definition a master folder is always in sync.

b. A folder being considered out of sync when files in .stignore are missing. Isn’t that the point of .stignore, that certain files lack of sync is “as expected?”

[Sadly as a new user that screen shot will have to be placed in a following post. Apologies]

If there is a better place to make these observations than this old thread, apologies and please advise.


Screen capture illustrating point b. above.

PS. I would have numbered the points, but the ordered list stuff went awry on me.

  1. List item

  2. List item - ah ha. In the edit pane, it says “1. List item.” Preview reads 2. “List item.”

Please read the docs, it explains why masters appears out of sync.

Out of sync for .stignored files disappears if you restart all nodes simultaneously.

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