Status of sub directory sync status

Hi, :slight_smile:

I added a ‘A’ directory as a shared folder, and it has sub directories.

Each sub directory has a lots of files.

like blow…

A - AC1 - file1 - file2 - file3 …

  • A2 - file1 - file2 …

When I add / remove files on ‘AC1’ directory, is there way to get sync status of ‘AC1’ in event api or rest api?

such as ‘idle’, ‘syncing’… etc.

I found on rest api and event api I only show for root directory.

thank you.

The administrative unit is the shared folder, so that’s the minimum unit you get status and such for in the REST API.

Ok… I got this… Then is there no way to get sync file list before start sync work?

If you by “sync file list” mean the list of files that need to be synced, then sure: GET /rest/db/need — Syncthing v1 documentation

You can also browse the list of known files regardless of sync status: GET /rest/db/browse — Syncthing v1 documentation

Thank you, I tested GET /rest/db/need, it was what I looking for :slight_smile:

Could I ask one more thing?

does scanning folder job and syncing folder job working asynchronously?

They are exclusive, it either scans or syncs.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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