Status of encrypted folder functionality

Hi all,

is it correct, as stated in the documentation, that the encrypted folder functionality is still not recommended for production use?

Or is the documentation just not current?

Best regards Robert

Please check from just 3 weeks ago (by the way, almost the same topic title as this one :sweat_smile:).

In general, it should be safe to use, but there’re still some quirks here and there.

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Ok, thanks for the information.

Unfortunately it is, based on your link, still not fully clear for me if this are really wide spread bugs or ones triggered by extreme edge cases.

It seems a little bit fuzzy, but my impression based on the “Ghost local changes” is to wait some more month. The long file name one is no big deal, especially because it hits only Windows users.

Best regards Robert

I’d say the bugs are rather rare. The one about illegal characters in Windows is known, but not yet fixed, and the other one about data too short breaking sync that affected myself and the other person on the forum hasn’t been reproduced yet, so for now we don’t know what the culprit is.

Other than the above, I haven’t seen many reports on the forum related to receive encrypted folders. The “ghost local changes” problem does come up from time to time, but it doesn’t seem to be limited to encrypted folders.

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