Status messages on both devices are different

Hello I have the following problem: I am syncing a Windows Server 2019 with my Synology NAS (latest software version). Now the Syncthing on the NAS says it is 100% in sync, on the server Syncthing says it is only 84% in sync and it is synchronizing. However, nothing has been happening for weeks. How do I get them really in sync?

More information is needed to say anything, really. Please upload screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from all affected devices. Log files are always welcome too. If your configuration is something non-standard (e.g. NTFS under Linux), please include such information also.

Hi Tomasz86,

here the Screenhots. I can send you the Protocolls as I won’t post them in the Public.

Can you see anything special if you click on the 11.954 Elemente, ~102 GiB next to Nicht synchronisierte Elemente?

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