starting relayserver?

Hi, there is a doc page for the relay server:

which says i can start the relay-server with: strelaysrv though the command is not recognized :frowning:

I’ve installed it using the official apt package on a ubuntu system

synthing itself can be started, without problems

Find where the ubuntu package put it, when run it. It may have called it something different, because ubuntu.

well, when looking in /usr/bin, there is a syncthing file, but no strelaysrv

the windows package also doesn’t seem to have an strelaysrv file

I don’t think we have apt packages for strelaysrv. How did you install it?

Ah, I thought the strelaysrv was part of the normal syncthing package I installed it following this guide:

No, just syncthing itself. The relay server has rarely a normal release version. The latest build can be found here.

Thanks, this solves this

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