Start syncthing to sync between two folders already synced by other app?

I’m now syncing one of my folder on Unraid server with a camera photo folder on my Android phone with Foldersync app. It works great, but I want to use only one software for syncing between several platforms. As I’m now running Syncthing as my Unraid docker and with Syncthing app on my phone too. I’ve tried it with other folder pairs and it works great. So if I stop using Foldersync app on my phone and use Syncthing instead, my question is at its first sync between the above-mentioned two folders (which was already last synced with Foldersync app), would it double sync all the files (photos) on both sides? or anything I need to beware?


They will be merged. You should not get duplicates.

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Thank you.

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