Start sharing with the DCIM directory on my mobile?

Hello to the whole team :slight_smile: I dont understand how to synchronize the DCIM directory of my SD card of my Android mobile with my Galaxy tablet. What I would like to do is synchronize the DCIM directory of the SD card which is the default photos directory of the mobile and not the local directory. Syncthing finds /storage/emulated/0/DCIM for me but, when I modify the Path: /storage/6239-6133/DCIM/Camera of the SD card it gives me an error message? Path: in the Web interface > Advanced Configuration > Shares > Path. Error message : 2024-02-12 21:36:00: Error on folder “Camera” (sm-n975f_uyvp-photos): folder marker missing (this indicates potential data loss, search docs/forum to get information about how to proceed) Did I miss something? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Which Android version is it? If you want to sync files located on an SD card, you will require at least Android 11 or newer. If it is Android 11 or newer, then please make sure that Syncthing has the all files access permission enabled in the Android settings.

Also, do you mean that you’ve modified the folder path in the Advanced Configuration? Please don’t do that unless you know exactly what you’re doing (as it may lead to data loss, e.g. if you try to re-create the folder market by hand). The recommended method is to remove the folder from Syncthing first, and then add it again under the new path.

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