Start script as root if Syncthing establish a new connection.

How to start a script as root if Syncthing establish a new connection.

System: Ubuntu 16.04 Syncthing: V0.14.25

Thanks to the GitHub crew I was able to get Information as I needed.

and use at moment a Systemd Script to periodical start the following script.

With the following script I plan to write the hosts file to allow other Programs connecting the same devices. Syncthing act as a DNS for me.

Ruby script by canton7

API_KEY = ’ ' HOST = ‘http://localhost:8384

require 'uri’ require 'net/http’ require ‘json’

uri = URI(HOST) http =, uri.port) headers = { ‘X-API-Key’ => API_KEY } time =

config = JSON::parse(http.get(’/rest/system/config’, headers).body) connections = JSON::parse(http.get(’/rest/system/connections’, headers).body)

config[‘devices’].each do |device| address = connections[‘connections’][device[‘deviceID’]][‘address’] puts “+#{device[‘name’]},+#{address},+” + time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d-%H")


And I developed a Script to modify /etc/hosts

hosts=$1 netname=$2 data=data.rb

bearbeiten=$(ruby $data|sed ‘/,+,/d’|sed ‘/172.16/d’|sed ‘/192.168/d’)

function Hinzu { for i in $bearbeiten do var=(${i//,/ })


if [ "$IP_ROH" != "+" ];

CUT1=${IP_ROH%:*}       # 'entferne alles bis und mit : -> Port'
CUT2=${CUT1/[/}         # 'entferne öffnende Klammer'
CUT3=${CUT2/]/}         # 'entferne schliessende klammer'
CUT4=${CUT3/%/_}        # 'ersetze sonderzeichen durch Zeichen _'
CUT5=${CUT4%_*}         # 'entferne alles bis und mit _ (Netzwerk gerät)'
CUT6=${CUT5/+/}         # 'entferne das + Zeichen'

sed -i "/ $HOSTNAME_SY /d" "$hosts"
sed -i "/#$netname#/a $IP    $HOSTNAME_SY    # $DATE_TIME_H" "$hosts"
echo "$IP      $HOSTNAME_SY    # $DATE_TIME_H"

done } Hinzu

[edit] kleiner Fehler im Script korrigiert.

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