Star Config has inconsistent syncing that overlooks edited files

Debian Laptop w/ UFW syncthing ports enabled: Server

Desktop: Device 1

Android Tablet: Device 2

I use syntching primarily for Obsidian across 3 devices.

I write up most of my notes on the desktop, but occasionally, to start the morning, I’ll do some minor tweaks on my tablet.

Typically, my tablet and my desktop are not connected to the internet at the same time, so my laptop-server acts as the connection between the two.

Lately, I’ve realized that my tablet edits almost never ‘take’ when I boot up my desktop. It’s to the point that part of my workflow has been reading the logs to see if any of the recent edits were tracked or not before I proceed to avoid sync-conflicts.

Here’s an example of the frequently failing workflow:


Overnight - All devices are off/airplane mode except for server.

9am - Turn on tablet wifi and make edits on tablet. Since the server is on, each sync is confirmed in the syncthing Android app as well.

10am - Finish edits on tablet and force-close Obisidan + turn off wifi to avoid any potential sync-conflicts (ie: static open Obisidan notes on one device + constantly updated files on another device). Here, I can cross-reference the Android syncthing app again, and it shows that all edits were synced to the server.

10:05am - Turn on desktop (which has syncthing as an autostart program).

10:07am - Open syncthing UI and see that the recent changes are not synced. At first I thought it was due to autostart not working correctly, but the results do not update, even when I rescan/pause/unpause the server connection. The desktop is continually told that it is up-to-date so there are edits that were pushed from tablet → server that are in limbo.

10:15am - Turn back on tablet. Manually edit one document and then open syncthing. From there, one/all edits are passed through the desktop.

There’s some type of disconnect between the tablet → server or server → desktop. Can anyone pinpoint whether there are settings I can tweak, if this is a known bug or if there are some troubleshooting tips?

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