Stalled transfers with one device shows as connected, and the other as disconnected

I have encountered this issue maybe 2 or 3 times recently. These are two devices on the same network. They use static IPs and can communicate with each other with no problems. Syncthing is configured with the default settings regarding networking, i.e. discovery, etc. turned on, and the addresses are “dynamic”.

This is how the situation looks like.

If I leave them stuck like this, then maybe after 10-15 minutes they suddenly start communicating again. This is not a critical issue, since normally the two have no problems connecting to one another, but once this happens, it gets pretty annoying very quickly.

Does anyone have any idea what the culprit may be here?

On Device B there is a line like “Connection to … closed: …” when it actually disconnects with the error message. And maybe the context around it is also relevant to show why it disconnected.

Device A should notice that the connection is broken within 1.5min, or at worst 5min if sending hangs.

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