Stalled sync between android and desktop

0.14.12 on debian desktop and 0.14.19 on android. These devices synced without problems for several weeks but now they are stalled.

Desktops says folders are in sync which they are not. Phone says folders are 91% in sync. Desktop says the devices are disconnected, which they should not be as they both are running in the same wlan network now.

In the morning I updated the desktop to 14.12 and files were reported to be synced, but they never land from the phone on the desktop.

Now nothing happens at all.

Provide log output from both sides

Also I suggest you upgrade to the latest release.

Typo sorry, I am on 14.21 on debian desktop. Where can I find the logs on the mobile?

Somewhere in the debug options.

It seems you have an “old” version of the Android App. The current version rolled back to 0.14.18 because of a problem with ARM64 introduced in 0.14.19.


Yes, yesterdays update fixed the problem.

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