Staggered File Versioning - A couple of basic questions

Hi - New user here :slightly_smiling:

Installed 0.12.17 via SyncTrayzor on 2 MS Windows machines (win 10 and 7) Created “c:\Sync” folders on both machines (sync ID)and both connect and sync OK

Now I’d like to use Staggered File Versioning so tried editing folder settings on BOTH machines and left default .stversions path blank. Everything appears to work OK

Now like the idea of moving the deleted/modified files outside of the “Sync” folder - just in case something goes wrong

So re-edited BOTH folder settings and set the version path to “C:\Sync-Deleted” (Folders created on both machines beforehand) Again it appears to be working

So basic questions

1). Do BOTH machines have to have versioning turned on/setup for it to work, I assume so ?

2). Can the deleted/modified path be “Outside” the Sync folder structure like I’ve done in the second part above

3). Can the paths be different on each machine eg. C:\Sync-Deleted and mayb e D:\Sync-Deleted (In my case the D drive has more space)



  1. File versioning is a per-device setting. It means “when another device changes or deletes this file, don’t delete it from this device but instead move it to this other folder”.

If you have devices A and B, A has file versioning, and B deletes a file, the A will instead move it to its versions folder. If B does not have versioning set up and A deletes a file, B will just delete it outright.

  1. Not sure: if it’s working then I assume so.

  2. File versioning is a per-device (and per-folder) setting. What you set up on one device does not impact other devices.

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Thanks Antony, That clears a few doubts in my mine :grin:

Yes, but it must be on the same filesystem / disk partition.

Hi Jakob

Just to confirm

1). So if the Sync folder is on C drive then the Sync-Deleted folders must also be on C as well and not like my example above where I’ve used D drive.

2). In where the version path is left empty and therefore .stversion folders are created within the “Sync” folder - I assume the .stversion folders do NOT get synced/copied to other machines.



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