st-review behaviour

st-review behaved weirdly in, though I must admit I asked for it. From I assumed lgtm does not alter the commit message?


Heh. Well. There is an article here on the forum in the contributor area that sort of documents this, I think - search for “st-review”. Honestly my recollection was that lgtm’s didn’t tweak the commit message, but maybe it does. In general it expects an @st-review highlight followed by a command, and in the case of merges at least it also accepts a blank line followed by the commit subject, followed by another blank line and the commit message. It’s possible that the merging lgtm behaves the same as an explicit merge command - that is, takes a commit message.

I’ve been burned by this myself. It’s not safe to chat with others in the same message you’re talking to the review bot. :slight_smile:

I got that now. I was more hoping I might have accidentally found a undocumented but intended feature.

The only thing I could find in the forum is and it doesn’t add any new information. I am going to add a warning to the documentation in the hopes of preventing further “learn by burning” cycles :stuck_out_tongue: