ST randomly disconnects from everything

In case anyone cares about abnormalities:

The disconnect started around 12:55 (while no one touched the machine for hours) and continued this way until ST was manually restarted the next day.

Normal ST log: st_log

SyncTrayzor log at the time of disconnect: synctray_log

Connection-related tracings: st_log_sttrace

(it does discover clients and addresses, just doesn’t bother to connect to any device)

Version Information

Syncthing Version: v.0.14.42 (under SyncTrayzor v.1.1.18) OS Version: Windows 10x64

You should not hide the ports, as it’s incomprehensible of what’s happening, and provide logs from both sides with STTRACE=connections

Also, it’s not clear if the IPs are external or LAN ips etc. I’d be better if you like swapped a few numbers around or something.

Could be some sort of connection service deadlock. I’d ask for a goroutine trace with a SIGQUIT, but I have no idea how to do that on Windows if it’s even possible. Worst case, make sure to start it with STPROFILER= and grab a http://localhost:9090/debug/pprof/goroutine when this happens.

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It’s not that, it’s just connected to myself for a long time, which is probably more related to networking setup.

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