ST not connecting to PCs encrypted with Bitlocker

After upgrading to Win 10 and getting Bitlocker available, I encrypted two PCs that used to see each other without issue. Now, they are respectively “Disconnected”.

What to do?

Connection has nothing todo with bitlocker. I suggest you check the firewall permissions.

I didn’t think so, but that’s the only PC config change I made.

I went to firewall settings and saw two rows for Syncthing. One had “Public” enabled, the other had “Private” enabled. After enabling both checkboxes on PC A, both PC A and PC B now show “Up to date”. I then made the same change on the second PC, though I don’t know if I need to.

Can you explain what might have happened there?

Edit: I think I know. The network type for both my 2.4 and 5 GHz bands somehow changed to “Public”, which was deselected on the two PCs. Enabling that reconnected them. I’ve since switched the bands back to “Private” and all is OK again. Weird.

Which brings up another question. Is it safe or not so safe to use Syncthing on a public network?

It’s sort of safe, as adding nodes requires manual approval and all (apart from announcements) traffic is encrypted anyway.