ST help with versioning

Good Afternoon,

I have 10 Synology’s across the globe. I have all but 1 of them set to receive only as I want the master files updated/ controlled by 1 Synology to limit multiple updates. How should I set it up so that if a file is changed on one of the receive only Synology’s it reverts back to what the send/receive Synology has. Thank you

You cannot do that. It’s a destructive action which we deliberately do not allow to be automated

If the nine receive-only Synology units aren’t supposed to accept any changes other than from the one send-receive Synology, it’d be less complicated and more reliable to make the folder read-only to whatever/whoever is accessing it at the remote sites.

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We do exactly this. We found a few cases where people were modifying the remote files but they shouldn’t have been. When we see local changes we investigate why the files were changed, then either copy the modified files to the master or revert local changes.

But what you’re saying is if there are any changes you want to blow them away anyway. So you’re better off preventing the access in the first place so they can’t be changed from the beginning.

Thank you for the assistance and input! I will look into trying them as read only folders and see if that fits our needs