SSL Host not changed

I am using syncthing on a VPS. The name has changed and I also changed the hostname in syncthing. The ssl certificate is not renewed. How can I reset the ssl certificate?

The SSL-Cert is located in ~/.config/syncthing/. Delete the https-cert.pem and https-key.pem while syncthing is not running and it should create a new cert on next startup.

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Thanks but it also resets my hostname again :frowning: I can now see the old hostname in the title of syncthing and not the new one which I changed in the syncthing options. I again gives me the certificate error “wrong url”

edit: I did a restart and the name in synchting is now correct but the certificate name still points to the old name.

I cleaned up the hosts and set the new hostname correct in the hostname file. Everything is fine now! Thanks!

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