SSH GUI localhost connection failure

Hi there. When trying to connect to the GUI on a remote device with SSH dynamic and localhost port forwarding get this in auth.log (on the remote device).

error: connect_to port 8384: failed.

Tried localhost too.

Netstat shows on remote device:

tcp 0 0* LISTEN

Since remote device is server without GUI cannot try to login with local web browser to see if issue persists. Yes this seems to be a server issue but wondering if it has anything to do with running Syncthing as a non-root user on a 32-bit machine, ect, or if anyone else has experienced a similar issue?

What SSH client are you using on your local machine? How are you setting up the connection? I use PuTTY on Windows and this is how I set up the SSH port forwarding to access the remote Syncthing GUI from my local computer:

After connecting with these settings, http://localhost:8385/ on my local computer shows the remote Syncthing GUI.

OpenSSH with the following config file:

Host host HostName server ForwardAgent yes DynamicForward 1080 LocalForward 9999 localhost:8384

Or just ssh -L 9999: user@server

Since the remote device shows a connection failure to port 8384 in the auth.log of the remote device it is probably an issue on the remote device side.

By the way. Take a look at KiTTY ( Fork of PuTTY that is better (with autologins).

As with most things solution was simple. Was firewall issue. Adding below resolved.

-A INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT

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