Spot ON!

I recently watched the Fallout series and was in a fallout mood so decided to fire up Fallout 3 on the Steamdeck, played a quick hour, then got home from work and thought I would carry on playing on my PC… Pah the game doesn’t support cloud saves, so I googles for suggestions and a forums and reddit suggested Syncthing so I thought I would give it whirl.

I installed this on the PC, and on my Steamdeck. I am quite techy and found it was all pretty self explanatory during the setup, add a device which it instantly found the Deck on the network. I got a popup on the deck (infact I got two popups, I think one was ipv4 and the other 6?). Anyways accepted. Added the folder on my PC pointing to FH3 save directory), choice to share with the Deck (and again on the deck pointed it to the FH3 save location) and that was it, seconds later the save files from deck all appeared on the PC. Loaded up FH3 on the PC, and it loaded the saves all fine. W00t.

I was then looking into ways of syncing this with a cloud service, such as Onedrive or Googledrive, as it wouldn’t be a perfect sync if my PC was turned off, it could have been done, but didn’t feel seamless, I then thought, hey I carry a “cloud” nas around with me … my mobile phone. And syncthing has an Android app…perfect!

So I changed the above setup. My PC now syncs with my phone, and my phone syncs with my deck (and vice versa). Now I don’t have to worry about my PC being switch on, or leaving my deck at work, chances of me not having my phone on me are slim so I will always have the latest data for the deck or pc to sync with.

Only issue I had, is that I had to do 100% of the setup from the phone app. I could see the phone from the deck and the PC, and even add it, but the phone never gave any sort of popups to authorise the device or add the shared folders even though on the PC and Deck it would show my phone as a connected device, it wasn’t there so syncs would sit at 0%

But I add the two device from the phone, and both pc and deck popped up with permissions. Then I added a folder onto the phone, and shared it again deck and pc popped up to add it. And that’s it all syncing fine.

I enabled syncthing as a service on the deck so that it will sync when in gamemode, now I my deck will always be sync’d as will my PC.

Spot on, for this product and even more so the plethora of supported devices. Future versions would love to see cloud support. Something like the ScummVM works where you can sync files to googledrive or dropbox.

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