Speedup Android releases deployments

Hi @Nutomic,

really thx for your work!

What can be done to speed up near time releases short after syncthing-core is released? I just watched the build. It seems to be just a click, but the build also seems to be flaky.

Cheers Lars

I’m not sure what the problem with the build server is. It sometimes has build failures, when the same code builds 100% of the time on my machine.

One thing you could help with is making the releases. There are some manual steps (mostly checking if the app works correctly). The instructions for that are here. If you wanna do that, I’ll give you push access to the repo and a login for Jenkins.

Like to dig into it.

As we share the same timezone and language I like to voicechat with you over skype if you like. I have questions on the vision and roadmap so, what do you think about?

I sent you a message :wink: