Specifying Folder Path within SyncThing GUI on a WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra

Two part question. Firstly when adding a new folder I don’t know how to specify the Folder Path. My Server is a WD My Cloud Ex2 Ultra running OS3. The server name is Odin , share name is 3TBshare , and folder in question is called Software . I’m assuming I’d have to specify a pathway something to the effect of Odin/3TBshare/Software in the Folder Path section, however I can’t seem to find a permutation which works, and have had a hard time finding information which puts this into context as a user with no extensive familiarity with Linux. Secondly, is it possible to use SyncThing to sync folders within a single hard drive, or between hard drives on a single server? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Impossible unless you run two separate instances of Syncthing (which has drawbacks, e.g. twice as much resource usage, etc.). You can find more information on this if you search the forum though.

Aa for the first part of the question, it’s your device, nobody will be able to tell you the path.

From my point of view, on such a system (basically a NAS) the mount point of the volume is usually also the root of the path. In one of the subdirectories there is also the named “Software” subfolder, for which Syncthing must also have the rights.

If this root directory is called e.g. “mnt” or something like that, the path might be called “/mnt/xyz/123/Software”. If the rights have been assigned accordingly, Syncthing can also access them.

You probably have to log in via the terminal (PuTTY, WinSCP, …) and see how it all looks there.

For the second question, the answer above. Several instances are possible, provided that different ports are assigned.

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