Specifying Different Directories for Sync Between Computers.

On my laptop I want to sync ~/Documents to a folder on my file server. However, rather than syncing it to ~/Documents on the server I want the destination to be something like /mnt/media/backup/dell/Documents. I have read and write permissions on the server directories.

I assume that if I symlink ~/Documents on the server to /mnt/media/dell/Documents that would work. I imagine that id I stop syncthing on the server and then hack config.xml that would also work.

This must be a fairly common requirement, but can’t find anything directly relevant in the documentation.


The local path is set to whatever you like on each machine. They are tied together by the folder ID.

You do not have to hack the config. You can set it in the GUI if you go to the GUI interface on the server. It is a separate setting for each device which can be set on each device individually.

Thanks, that makes sense. What’s the reasoning behind not being able to change the folder path in the GUI once it’s been created? If you make a typo entering it initially, the only way to correct it seems to be to delete it from the GUI and start again.

Because we hold state about the folder, which would be dangerous to use if we just point it to another folder (files could look like they got deleted).

Also, if we deleted the state (database), accidentially changing the path and loosing all the state would also be very painful and would cause old files to be synced to a new location, which might not be intentional.


Yeah what Audrius said. In addition it’s not trivial to even determine what the user intends by changing the path, there’s a whole discussion about it in one of the tickets.

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