Specific file types for sync and ignore all others?

I have been reading on the .stignore and a couple of entries on #include (not sure if that is implemented?) but I think I am making this more complicated than it need be. I have four file types - .pdf, .jpg, .bmp and .ps. I want to ignore everything else and just transfer these. Is there a way to specify these for transfer and ignore everything else?

Thanks in advance!

Docs on Ignoring Files. #include is indeed implemented, and works.

To achieve what you want, use this in .stignore. If you’re using a case-sensitive filesystem you may want to use the case ignore prefix e.g. (?!)!.bmp.


This means “don’t ignore bmp, jpg…ignore everything”. The first matching pattern is applied, hence the order is key.


Thank you! I thought I was making this way too complicated!

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