Somehow syncing remotely over the internet

I have three devices - two laptops and one Raspberry Pi - with Syncthing installed. The Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet and I use it mostly to make sure both laptops are up-to-date when both are not turned on.

A strange thing has been happening for the last few months where syncthing is able to sync even if one of the laptops is not on the same network. I’ve even been in a different city and as soon as I get onto a network (internet or tethering from my phone) it starts syncing.

How is this happening?!

I don’t have port forwarding enabled on my router and I’ve checked that no other devices are accessing my internet connection. Are there any settings in Syncthing that I should check/disable? I’m mostly worried that there’s a security vulnerability.

Syncthing is able to make use of UPnP and Relaying.

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Thanks for the information. I’ve had a look at the documentation and it seems that having the Sync Protocol Listen Address set to default is equivalent to setting it to dynamic+ Is “dynamic” is referring to my ip address?

Regarding the listed relay servers in that URL, are they known to be trusted?

Please read the docs for relays. Relays do not need to be trusted.


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