some root syncthing objects have a folder id, two others have none? bug? history 0.13.x migration?

I have observed, that I have apparently two root objects (folders) in my current 0.14.21 syncthing array of nodes, that shows on a linux machine on the syncthing gui but also on the command line log messages, that those two objects apparently feature no folder-id.

What I just observed and found is, that in the details (edit) of such a root syncthing object, there is a folder-id field as well, and there it shows some folder id even for these two old root/folder objects of my syncthing, which are named exactly the same way as the folder name (on disk) itself.

So I dont even remember that detailed any more how I originally started with my first syncthing experience and how I figured out what path and names to put there when I asked myself back then how do I start a syncthing location in my first syncthing instance, meaning that do I need my folder/object on real disk before and then point snycthing there or do I just enter a name in snycthing wizard and it creates my folder/object on the disk as well?

maybe thats how it all started and thats why there is no rather cryptic folder id for these two old objects/folders but their id is not even shown in the main syncthing gui when extending those objects, but only in the more detailed edit window when actually editing the object/folders properties in the syncthing gui.

does my explanation maybe make sense? anyone helping to explain this, or is this something needing to be fixed on my side or on the source code end? or is this just rather cosmetic?

on the commandline when starting syncthing up these folders come up as:

02:04 INFO: Ready to synchronize ABC (readwrite) 02:04 INFO: Ready to synchronize ABC-Archive (readwrite)

as an example and a few lines after that as

02:04 INFO: Completed initial scan (rw) of ABC-Archive 02:04 INFO: Completed initial scan (rw) of “Newfolder” (abcde-fghij) 02:04 INFO: Completed initial scan (rw) of ABC

This second block, and its second line is one of the newer areas/folders, which does show a folder-id in the parenthesis, but the other two older ones dont show this folder id of their objects.

Maybe because the folder ID is exactly the same as the objects literal name on disk path name itself?

Maybe I am worrying too much or being bored? :confused: Thanks.


Folders created way back only had an ID, set by a human, such as “ABC”. Recently created folders have an automatically generated ID and a separate label. The label for legacy folders is by default blank. Log messages are simplified to just the ID if there is no label.

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