some problem when I set up my global discovery server

Heelo everyone ! I want to set up my global discovery server, but it doesn’t work.

I use stdiscosrv v0.14.48 in and my CA signed certificate. I try to running it in my VPS(ubuntu 16.04).

my device can get other device’s IPadress, but I can’t connect to him.

./stdiscosrv -cert=/home/checkna/UCserver/stdiscosrv0/cert/cert.pem -key=/home/checkna/UCserver/stdiscosrv0//cert/cert.key -debug



Discovery server has nothing todo eith connecting, just todo with finding addresses, which from your screenshots looks like it did it ok.

I can connect to other device when I use default Discovery server. But I can get other device’s IPadress and can’t connect to him when I use my Discovery server.

I add other device and get his IP . But he have no any tips.

I don’t find any different in GUI between default Discovery server and my Discovery server.

another question , how server get device ID when a device announce itself . I can’t find any explanation in Global Discovery v3 Specifications

The client presents its device certificate over the HTTPS connection, which the server then calculates the device ID from. This proves “ownership” of the device ID.

I don’t know about your problem as such, but the yellow device status means that no folders are shared with it, if I remember correctly. That means nothing syncs even if it does connect.

I share a folds just now, also dosen’t work. He hava no any shakehands request . 6

If you discovery server in the same LAN/NAT as one of the devices? If yes it wont work, as it discovers local ips rather than internet routable ones.


 discovery server in vps has independent IP and domain name.

Do you have both devices configured to use your discovery server?

You could revert back and see over which ips they connect, and see if those are advertised via your server.

Otherwise, enable connections debugging facility, see the connections happen, and see why traffic cannot be router by using netcat or something like that.

two device use my discover server.

my discovery print they queries each other use HTTP GET .

I suggest you check addresses discovered with you discovery server and with ours, also follow the other debugging steps I suggested.

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