Some files appear to be sync'ing, but temporary files never moved

Hi There,

I have two systems sync’ing. Both are on v1.22.0. I use it to sync my personal media collection to a remote server. Let’s call them System A and System B.

System A: Set as Send Only System B: Set as Receive Only.

I noticed that some of my movie files were not on System B. However, I also could not find them in the queue of files to sync in the Syncthing UI. I checked the file permissions, and they were fine. I then ran a diff between the two root folders, and i noticed that System B had a Syncthing tmp file with the same file size and the original file on System A.

I attached a screenshot. Does anyone have any idea how to troubleshoot this? These were simply files I dropped into System A like I usually do, and Syncthing has done a great job of syncing my library historically. Thanks!

Look at what Syncthing thinks, in the GUI and/or logs.

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