[solved] Permission denied on Openmediavault (debian wheezy)


I just installed Syncthing and I’m having issues when I try to add a folder to share.

My setup : on my home server running Openmediavault, I created a user “syncthing”, the executable is in the /home/syncthing/bin/ directory (so, no problems with the auto-update). I have access to the GUI from other computers on my local network.

Now, I want a share the folder /media/{GUID}/home/myname, I tweaked the ACL so the user syncthing have read/write/executre rights on that folder, but I keep having these two errors showing up when I want to add this folder to Syncthing shares :

Stopping folder “myname” - open /media/{GUID}/home/myname/.stfolder: permission denied Loading .stignore: open /media/{GUID}/home/myname/.stignore: permission denied

Here’s what getfact shows :

root@omv:/media/{GUID}/home# getfacl myname/

file: myname/

owner: root

group: users

flags: -s-

user::rwx user:syncthing:rwx user:myname:rwx group::— mask::rwx other::— default:user::rwx default:user:syncthing:rwx default:user:myname:rwx default:group::— default:mask::rwx default:other::—

Any clues about what’s going on ?

EDIT : sorry for the noise, the ACL settings were a little too tight regarding the /media/{GUID}/home folder. Now it’s working !